Financial Disclosure

All authors are required to disclose any relationships, activities, or interests that may give rise to potential conflicts of interest, including but not limited to:

  1. Funding received for the research or study.
  2. Provision of materials used in the research.
  3. Involvement in assessing or writing the manuscript.
  4. Article processing charges related to publication.
  5. Grants or contracts received from any entity.
  6. Royalties or licenses related to the work.
  7. Consulting fees received.
  8. Payment or honoraria for lectures, presentations, or participation in speakers bureaus.
  9. Compensation for manuscript writing or educational events.
  10. Payment for expert testimony.
  11. Support received for attending meetings and/or travel.
  12. Patents planned, issued, or pending.
  13. Participation on a Data Safety Monitoring Board or Advisory Board.
  14. Leadership or fiduciary roles in other boards, societies, committees, or advocacy groups, whether paid or unpaid.
  15. Ownership of stock or stock options in relevant entities.
  16. Receipt of equipment, materials, drugs, medical writing, gifts, or other services.
  17. Any other financial or non-financial interests that could potentially create conflicts of interest.

Authors are expected to transparently disclose any such relationships or interests in their submitted manuscripts to maintain the integrity and credibility of the research.